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SmarTerminal RMA center OPEN in LA!
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  Ever since showroom has been opened in Portland, Maine on Jan. 2012, SmarTerminal was able to get positive reputation from our customers as a result of continuously putting effort to US market. This effort led SmarTerminal to have partnership with many companies in the US, and our customers showed amazing interest and support to our products. Consequentially total number of order has been increasing. For our customers, who believed in and supported us, we prepared to establish RMA center in the US region to show our appreciation, and it finally has opened on November 2013. The mission of SmarTerminal RMA center in LA is providing more fast, flexible and convenient service to our customer, and make discomfort situation minimize.

  To go through comprehensive training program, SmarTerminal has the highly qualified RMA engineers in LA. For the last one year, they had been trained with engineers in headquarter in Korea. They went to our customers’ site in the US, and had directly observed how they operated our devices in different environment. They also visited lab in Korea several times, and observed entire manufacture line and finished training of all the SmarTerminal devices. By following these processes, our prepared RMA specialists will directly care US customers, and we are certainly expecting higher customer satisfaction in 2014.


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