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SmarTerminal offers a wide array of solutions for various industries, ranging from Waste & Recycling to Government and Defense to Health Care & Life Sciences.
SmarTerminal enables clients to reach new horizons and helps to improve and redefine methodologies and break
paradigms. No objective is to large, no project too insignificant for the partners. With Zada’s expertise we help shape
your operations and your products.
Whether you operate LTL, truckload, buses, school bus or specialized vehicles, we have the solutions that more than
meet your needs.



SmarTerminal and its waste technology partners are able to provide your operations with the services and technology
required for you to be competitive and for you to deliver the highest level of services to your customers. Our goal and
commitment is to provide the best technology and practices from hardware and software to back office technology or
in-vehicle systems to streamline your operations. We can provide you with a custom solution or help you decide on
technologies that would best fit your operations. In today’s waste management, the application of business technology
is becoming the chief source of differentiation among competitors.



What is the true cost of adding another customer? Is an account profitable or is it better to leave the account to the
competition? How is route density? Is a route profitable? Can the bottom line be improved?
These are some of the questions we can help answer.
Address and Service Verification Audit: With our custom-developed application we are able to verify the residentialand
commercial accounts in your area. At the end of our audit you will have an accurate count of addresses being serviced
by you in your and your competitors’ county and city. Our reports will provide you a breakdown of different types of
dwellings and commercial container density. After our audit you are able to analyze your cost and pricing.



Route Optimization is the process of examining existing routes and working towards reducing the number of routes
needed to service customer stops and sequencing those stops in the most efficient means to reduce travel time and
miles driven. As transportation costs increase as a result of rising fuel and employee costs, optimizing routes has
become a necessity in order to keep these costs in check.
SmarTerminal can provide you with the right tools and people to expedite optimization services. We are
that understand these operations and your needs. Call us today and learn how we can assist you.




It has been said that customers will more likely stay with a hauler that has rebounded gracefully from a mistake
rather than a hauler that never made one. Every time a customer or a prospect interacts with a hauler, a perception
is formed. People evaluate how quickly a call is answered, how they are treated, how the request is executed and
how the follow up is handled. Every contact is an opportunity to reassure the customer they have made the right
choice for a waste partner. 
SmarTerminal focuses on getting back to the basics within a hauling company in the sales, marketing and customer

service areas. We concentrate on minimizing strained relations between departments and improving communication

with the operations folks. The understanding of how we affect each other sometimes gets lost and people find
themselves in the hot seat trying to please a customer. Emergencies can be avoided with the proper accountability
in place.
Time is a commodity in this business and a lack of time can put the customer at risk. We evaluate the current business processes and create benchmarks. Areas of strength, opportunity and challenge are defined and a recommended
implementation plan is crafted.

No matter what the concern is or even if an overall summary evaluation of your business is desired, we can handle it.
A variety of areas can be analyzed and evaluated for improvement. Some of those areas include interdepartmental
paperwork flow, sales and customer service training, retention programs, commission approaches, pricing, price
increases, proposal creation, new business generation, data management, potential customer attrition and sales
mentoring. Other programs include filling a role temporarily until the right candidate is found and in addition, we can
provide recruiting to fill a role. No matter what the project, however large or small, we are available to help. 
SmarTerminal will challenge your company to be better and will offer solutions on how to achieve improvement.
One thing is constant in the waste industry and that is change. Be better prepared to handle ever-changing conditions
by analyzing and by shaping current business practices.




SmarTermnal's expertise and partnership with industry leaders in the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) field allow
us to deliver unique solutions that meet the demands of today’s industries. We deliver the best in class in this arena,
once called “silent commerce”. We help design and integrate RFID technology into all aspect of your business.
Our sound methodology delivers seamless integration from on-board computing for automated service verification, to
container identification and management, and to integration with vehicle maintenance systems.


Our design is based on years of experience within the waste industry and understanding operations and customer
service. Our solutions encompass all business lines: Commercial Front and Rear Loader, Residential, Recycling, and
liquid waste.