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SmarTerminal is the leading consulting firm specializing in serving senior executives in the defense, aerospace,
homeland security, logistics, technical services and infrastructure sectors.

We provide the full range of consulting services, from strategic planning to market analysis to organizational and
operational improvement. We base our findings and recommendations on quantitative analysis, intensive research
and hard facts. We also provide Solutions designed to meet the demands of today¡¯s battle field.



At SmarTerminal we have a strong commitment to developing solutions that meet all the challenges thrown at us.
After hurricane Katrina with the help of our technology partners we developed solutions to provide communication
and routing solutions should the need arise. These ranged from emergency routing solutions, designed and developed
by C2Logix, to on-board vehicle systems, based on cellular and satellite communication devices developed under our
FleetCom brand, and to the SmartMED product line designed for hospital and emergency response teams.

Our solutions are designed to save lives and utilize the latest in technology to establish the necessary infrastructure
supporting emergency services. Our innovative designs come from our dedication and having members that serve in
the Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT) and the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS).





We have turned a new chapter as vehicles have become more fuel efficient. Local and federal government that
relies on fuel taxation for infrastructure improvements are coming up short in finances. This is a direct result of the
proliferation of fuel efficient vehicles, hybrids, electrical vehicles, and the use of bio-fuel by consumers. As the price
of gas fluctuates so does its consumption: we are less likely to travel the extra mile with high prices at the pump.

As a result of the decline of revenue, Local and Federal governments are looking at other means of generating the
revenue desperately needed to repair the infrastructure we use daily.

SmarTerminal  has dedicated resources to developing a solution that will safeguard our future infrastructure. With
our understanding of transportation and technology, we have designed a system that scales to meet the needs of the
states and local government. To review our solution please click here.