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SmarTerminal extensive experience in fleet operations is able to deliver custom transportation management solutions:
thus our systems can support your daily operation whether it is simple P&D to complex system with dynamic dispatching and alerts. With our background in wireless, satellite and cellular communication, connectivity is not a challenge for us.
Whether you operate LTL, truckload, buses, school bus or specialized vehicles, we have the solutions that more than
meet your needs.



Our AVL solution uses GPS and Cell/Satellite wireless transmission to allow you to manage your fleets of vehicles, such as service vehicles, emergency vehicles, construction equipment, and public transport vehicles (buses, trains).
It can also be used to track other assets, such as non-wheeled construction equipment, non-motorized trailers, and
mobile power generators. You can view your fleets¡¯ activity in real-time using our easy-to-use web application.
In addition, you can set up email alerts for certain conditions, such as excessive idling, excessive speeding,
unauthorized use, vehicle maintenance, driver certification renewal.
We also have a number of standard reports on vehicle utilization, mileage by state and any of the information available
via alerts.



Our workforce management solution enables a seamless and integrated communication pipeline between your mobile
workforce, dispatchers and customer service representatives. This will enable your employees to have access to timely
information about the services rendered and will keep your customers satisfied.
In the scheduling and dispatching of work our advanced routing algorithms ensure that the most efficient and least
costly assignment is selected. Every transaction is done electronically and is delivered to the mobile employee using
either a GPS-enabled mobile phone or a fixed in-vehicle computer.
The result will be improved workforce productivity, a reduction in operating expenses, and increased customer



SmarTerminal extensive experience in fleet operations is able to deliver custom transportation management solutions.


By understanding best practices in the industry, we can provide you with a solution to meet your business objectives
and needs. We deliver products from ¡°show me my vehicles¡± to fully integrated system with route optimization,
dispatching, fleet management and integration with financial and billing systems.

Our system design and delivery takes into account all the aspects of your business-from shop mechanics and
dispatching to customer service and operations. We are able to provide you with full system integration with mapping
solutions to integrated fuel accounting and maintenance package.
If a custom solution is not for you, we provide an extensive service to examine your business and provide you with the
assistance in selecting the right hardware and software to meet your needs.



Our advanced in-vehicle solution is built around FleetCom series of Fixed Mount rugged computers, which are designed
to handle some of the roughest in-vehicle environments.

The goal is to help you maximize driver productivity, improve safety, increase vehicle utilization and reduce cost. This is achieved using our sophisticated in-vehicle mobile software application that utilizes wireless communication, Bluetooth, GPS, cameras, RFID, onboard scales and telematics information. Additional sensors can also be installed to monitor
specific truck conditions. The use of GIS mapping with turn-by-turn direction can also assist the driver in finding service
All scheduled and unscheduled work can be dispatched to any vehicle in real-time and up-to-date status information
made available to the office staff.